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Everything about Batch Document Processing

Article Description
Whats New in ImageRamp Version 8 Along with faster PDF reading and rendering and faster JPEG and PNG compression ImageRamp Batch received several enhancements in the new version 8 of the software. Several of the enhancements add up to much faster processing and OCR improvements.
Understanding Scanning Requirements If you are new to scanning, there are a number of decisions to be made before setting up your scanning process. In this article, we discuss fundamental issues you need to understand to make the best decisions for your scanning workflow.
What is Batch Document Processing? Learn what batch document processing is and understand the key technologies applied to save time and money with batch processing.
Watching Folders with ImageRamp Batch For Unattended Document Processing Understand folder watching as part of a batch scanning environment. Use ImageRamp with or without Windows Services to automatically split, name, route, and index your scans and files.
Batch Processing a Folder of Scanned PDF Files Understand the Process Folder node in ImageRamp and the relationship to Profiles used to instruct what happens to the files in the folder.
Create PDF Bookmarks with Barcodes Understand how ImageRamp Batch can create PDF Bookmarks using barcodes.
Managing your Profiles Understanding ImageRamp Batch Profiles and the options available to apply to documents.
Data Mining Automates Document Capture Learn how meta data (index information) can be pulled from documents with ImageRamp and regex. Use the data to index documents into your document management, EMR/EHR apps.
Slip Sheet Insertion How slip sheets or blank pages can be used to separate files in bulk or batch scanning.
How to Improve OCR Accuracy See ways to improve OCR accuracy on document scans. Cleaning and enhancing images can greatly improve the accuracy of OCR interpretations on your documents. Learn about automatic sophisticated adaptive thresholding, text smoothing and more. Add field validation and preview and testing features for optimal OCR interpretation.
Enhance Poor Quality Scans-VIDEO Learn the features available in ImageRamp Batch to clean poor quailty scans such as deskew, despeckle, adaptive threshholding and more.
As Bulk or Batch Scanning often involves the use of Barcodes, please see our Knowledge Base of information on Everything Barcode