What's New in ImageRamp Version 8

ImageRamp Version 8.8 Provides Faster, More Accurate PDF and Image Document Process Automation

ImageRamp for affordable batch document processing

Our affordable batch document indexing solution, ImageRamp™ Solutions, just got a facelift.  With its easy-to-use dashboard and faster processing, the ImageRamp family offers an intuitive way to add extract information or metadata from your scanned or PDF/MSWord documents to help with database indexing, file storage and folder creation.  DOWNLOAD NOW.


Integration with SharePoint

Confidence based Text and Barcode processing

Bookmarking from Barcodes



A new dashboard interface makes it easier to use with access to learning videos and notifications.

Multi-threaded processing allows significant throughput improvement to your Document Process Automation workflow.  Choose single, Dual, or Quad process threading for truly parallel processing throughput.

Quality Controls are in place as documents are processed.  Set confidence levels and files not meeting conditions you set are stored in a quality control queue for you to validate and resolve.


ImageRamp Dashboard


Confidence scores make it easy to resolve OCR issues like markers across the text.

Confidence basec OCR Extraction

Use Zone regions and OCR Confidence to extract the data import to you.

Barcode and OCR Zone Extraction enhances file naming, indexing and folder creation.

Incorporate Regular Expression Scripts to extract specific text strings from OCR and text based files.  With two built in OCR engines, you'll get the accuracy you deserve.

Regular Expressions improve OCR Accuracy


Simple Index and Search on documents stored into Access, SharePoint or SQL Server.

Simple Indexing and Search tools

Documents processed are audited so you can review rejects, quality control and processed documents.

Document Process Automation Auditing

Perform Privacy Audits on Word, PDF Text, or scanned files.  We'll perform OCR and identify identity threats

Along with faster PDF reading and rendering and faster JPEG and PNG compression ImageRamp Batch received several enhancements in the new version 8 of the software. Several of the enhancements add up to much faster processing and OCR improvements.

Other Process Automation Enhancements Include:

  • Optimized memory management 
  • 57% faster reading a PDF
  • 20% faster rendering a PDF
  • Improved text search and text extraction
  • Updated Zone OCR handling
  • Better support for AES 256 encryption
  • Improved blank page detection accuracy
  • Complete PDF file type generation of PDF/A: PDF/A -1a, PDF/A -1b, PDF/A -2a, PDF/A -2b, PDF/A -2u, PDF/A -3a, PDF/A -3b and PDF/A -3u
  • Improved parsing, writing, rendering, memory usage, and speed
  • Confidence based barcode recognition
  • PDF 2.0 support
  • Improved auto-deskew accuracy
  • Dramatically improved all borders detection filters
  • Improved image compression speed 
  • Up to 25% faster decoding JPEG2000
  • About 10-15% faster compressing JPEG images on 64-bit systems
  • 30% up to 50% faster compressing PNG images with predictors
  • Improved OCR tables processing.
  • Improvements in OCR recognition quality
  • Includes ImageRamp Composer for PDF assembly from Word, PDF and Image Files
  • Automated Privacy Redaction for gender, SSN, Credit Cards, and more
  • File Size Management

Free Trial offerToday businesses demand that the information in their documents is seamlessly available to users. With ImageRamp Batch, easily see the document image, extract the key information and incorporate the data into key Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) or line of business software where it can be shared and used.


Free Tools Included with Trial Download and Purchase

ImageRamp OCR2PDF Utility

Create searchable PDF documents from your scanned archives with this free tool. Convert and review the results in a unique side-by-side viewer with synchronized zooming and page flippers.

Barcode Validator Utility

The ImageRamp Barcode Validator utility, is a free tool to verify your barcodes are located on scanned documents and confirm the information contained in the barcode before you begin a data capture job.

Scan Separator

Create barcode separation sheets that can be used during batch processing to route, index, split and name your documents. This tool is now integrated into the ImageRamp interface so you can launch it from within ImageRamp.


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