Articles and Tips on using Barcodes in automating Document Processing

Learn how barcodes can be used to help splitting, file naming and folder creation of your documents. 

This page of links directs you to videos, presentations and articles intended to help you improve your document workflows using barcodes.


Article Description
What Can Barcodes Do for Me? (SlideShare) A look at the use of barcodes in today's intelligent data capture for document management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) environments. Visit the SlideShare.
Split and Rename Files to Barcodes See ImageRamp features to split, name and route based on barcode information. Learn how multiple barcodes are used and evaluated in ImageRamp
20 Tips to Solve Common Problems Reading Barcodes Describes common issues with barcode images and suggests some possible solutions to optimize barcode recognition with ImageRamp barcode settings, cleanup operations and smart preprocessing decisions.
FAQ- Ignoring Barcodes for Split and Naming Look at how ImageRamp can ignore barcodes based on minimal barcode length and text strings.
Using Barcodes to automate Student Approval Forms Explore how barcodes and a standard pdf form can be used to create uniquely stamped documents to send to your clients.  Each is tagged uniquely with a QR Code to associate the signed document with individuals like student approval forms.
How Can I Create Barcode Separation Sheets (Slip Sheet Insertion) Learn about the free barcode separation sheet software for use with ImageRamp Batch. And check out What is Slip Sheet Insertion?
Barcodes Help Automate Indexing Through XML Files Barcodes offer an accurate method of capturing index or meta data to pass through XML to populate document management or EMR/EHR systems.
Create PDF Bookmarks with Barcodes Understand how ImageRamp Batch an create files with PDF bookmarks using barcodes
Barcode Tagging - a First Step in Automating Accurate Patient Record and Lab Report capture Whether your existing documents contain barcodes or they are added by barcode separation sheets, or slip sheets, capturing the barcode information or tag is the first step to manipulating and organizing your documents in a document management system.
Data Mining Automates Document Capture Learn how meta data (index information) can be pulled from documents with ImageRamp Batch and its barcode features and regex.
How to Automate File and Folder Names with Keywords Automate the naming and destination path of documents with barcodes and text strings.
Barcode Splitting and File Naming VIDEO This video shows how files can be split, renamed and routed by utilizing barcode coversheets.
Automating File Naming with Barcodes VIDEO This video shows how to speed up indexing processes by automating file naming using barcodes
PDF Encryption and Barcode Splitting on Fujitsu ScanSnap - VIDEO See how PDF encryption and barcode splitting can be accomplished with ImageRamp's powerful capture features.
As scanning with barcodes often involves batch processing, please see our Support section of information on Batch Processing.