Custom Application and Tool Development

Cloud Solutions Development & Custom Applications/Tools

DocuFi offers services built on over 40 years' of data capture and imaging solution experience. Combining our dashboard technology with our professional services allows our clients to develop a custom dashboard of critical information and performance indicators with their data merged to provide immediate visual analysis, drill-down tools and more. Professional services also include custom application and tool development for OEM hardware and software providers and solutions partners. With our proven toolkit and experience, we can develop your capture or imaging related solution quickly and efficiently for desktop or mobile devices.

custom capture tool development by DocuFi
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Whether you need a simple scan driver or a sophisticated private-label plugin or application, give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view discuss your custom software needs. Read more about past alliances and more relationships on our Partner Page and Consulting Page.

Custom Application and Tool Development

A Synopsis of Some of Our Professional Services Work:


Developed social media influencer management platform to help manage pet talent and brand data.  Platform helps identify viral opportunities, provides geo and demographic data to help brands identity talents for use in advertising and social media activity.


Developed Infection Prevention Risk analysis and visualization platform deployed to over 500 facilities.  Platform provided online Learning Management system, inspection reporting, CMS government data integration for SIR, HAC, HCAPS data of all US CMS facilities.


Online Learning Management Systems help companies have been helping with the training of staff.  When integrated with a visual analytics platform, these systems help decision makers reduce costs through corrective learning assignment.  DocuFi has Integrated our Dashboard platform with JoomlaLMS, a leading online Learning Management platform, to deliver critical staff metrics and training options from a single platform.    


Managing underground infrastructure needs have grown significantly as many US corporations face aging underground assets.  DocuFi provides board advise to UnderGround GIS. 


Utilizing open source Hospital data sources, DocuFI has integrated the CMS HAI databases into an interactive dashboard environment.  This system provides easy access to all US hopsitals by system, state, and other sources.  We have integrated clients existing HR, Purchasing, Quality Inspection, Training, and many other sources into our seamless HAIvia Dashboard system.

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DocuFi has partnered with P3iD Technologies to deliver mobile capture and cloud processing for P3iD’s Business Efficiency Center (BEC) Environment. BEC provides powerful mobile capture and cloud microservices built on modular components that let you securely capture and process your important documents in a driverless TWAIN Direct cloud or network environment.

     professional services success with gdoc binder

Developed TWAIN/WIA scanning solution plugin for Global Graphics, a worldwide leader in PDF publishing solutions. The plug-in module will be included with all licenses of gDoc Binder, allowing users to capture scanned photos and documents directly into gDoc Binders. Its simple, intuitive interface minimizes operator actions for easy paper capture. The plugin also is incorporated into Global Graphic's PDF Designer. Estimated bundled licenses in 2015 is 200,000 units.

      prof services android2

Managed and Designed mobile IOS/Android app development for capturing inspection reports and training certification forms using mobile platforms and cloud services. Architecture supports dynamic GUI building of traditional components including checkbox, signature capture, photo capture, multi-choice, labels, etc. using stand XML syntax for future application customizing. Reports are captured into cloud repository for analytics and reporting. SQL Server integration on Rackspace cloud instance.

    Tool developmentfor cloud applications


Designed and managed the development of an email drop box watcher to incorporate email document processing services through a back-end cloud service.  

Filed patent on email-Cloud document repository method.


Developed add-in compatible with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners allowing users to optimize document capture through touchscreen commands for improved scanning and indexing to ODBC/SQL/XML data sources and more.

     Professional tool development success with Kodak

Developed add-in compatible with Kodak Scan Station touchscreen platform allowing users to optimize document capture through touchscreen commands. 

     Professional services success with Informative Graphics

Developed 12 sample C# API training projects that exercised the Informative Graphics Brava Viewer API set. Included document redaction, UI Controls, format conversion, Viewport manipulation, data extraction and others. Also developed YouTube videos to help developer community in understanding API capabilities.

    Professional services success with Henry Schein

Integrated ImageRamp capture system with Henry Schein Dental Practice Management system and recognized as the only certified document Imaging solution. Henry Schein retains 80% market penetration of dental practices in the US. 

     Professional Services success with eCopy

Sold Intellectual Property to Nuance/Ecopy providing barcode and image clean-up add-on for eCopy ShareScan. Compatible with Canon, Ricoh, Xerox and other MFP platforms.

 Developed C++ Document Management connector for eCopy ShareScan to SQL Server database. 

     Professional services success with Nuance

Consultant to test SharePoint, SalesForce, ACT, DocuLex and other eCopy database connectors using the eCopy 5.0 release. Liaison with development and product management teams in conveying   functionality and bug anomalies.

     xerox logo

Developed custom eCopy   connector for secure LDAP authentication and delivery in C++. Built using eCopy Sharescan SDK.

     Professional services experience in cloud computing

Designed and managed development of document management system platform. Incorporated time or click-based user licensing, thumbnail creation and viewing, user group management, email distribution, audit tracking, and search and retrieval as a hosted document repository. 

     Professional services success with Autodesk

Developed several AutoCAD plugins for 2010 to 2015 platforms for PDF conversion and integration with other third- party imaging tools. Built using Visual Studio around Autodesk API.

   Professional services success with Accela

Developed PDF comparison tool for the construction industry.   Resulted in private labeled tool incorporated into government system solutions that lets users select drawings from within the Accela repository and quickly launch a comparison session.


Working in conjunction with CAFM Resources and Simple Solutions FM, DocuFi has integrated company Computer Aided Design drawings into a managed space planning, asset management, and work order system.  Existing data sources have been mined and integrated into a visual space planning environment for easy decisions to allow managers a simple and integrated dashboard interface and visual their physical space planning environment.