Our Customers

Our Customers

DocuFi is a US founded company with R&D operations in the US and India.  Having served the market for over 15 years, the ImageRamp community continues to expand.  Our customers include Health Care labs and providers, Education providers, Financial Service companies, Government agencies (Domestic and international), Aerospace, Retail, Energy and many more. 


Customer Testimonials

"We have been working with DocuFi products since 2006 with no problems whatsoever. They have given us very quick service and very good products since day 1. I now have ImageRamp solutions at the 911 business office and stoddard county ambulance office with no problems since installs in both systems. I highly recommend the ImageRamp/ DocuFi soulution to any business regardless of how big or small. "
Kevin Francis 
IT for stoddard county 911 services 31 years
IT for stoddard county Ambulance dustrict 30 years. 


Moments in DocuFi History


Presidential Archives Incorporate ImageRamp Batch

The National Security Archive, an independent and non government organization created in 1985, selected ImageRamp Batch to help in the automated enhancement and  indexing of scanned presidential records.  The institute and library are located within the George Washington University.  Advanced 2-D adaptive thresholding is used to help optimize the quality of greyscale scanned records and directing the naming and file storage of key historical records including over 100,000 records.


DocuFi Invests in Influencer Analytics Platform

Influencer management involves the data mining and visualization of data from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social platforms. With internally developed and third-party components, DocuFi's data visualization technology was enhanced to provide a leading influencer management provider for the Pet branding markets.  With clients including Mercedes Benz, Target, Taylor Swift, and many others, our client has become a leader with the help of our talent and brand management visualization tools.  Contact Us for more details.


GTX OEMs DocuFi Solution

GTX Corp., the leading provider of AutoCAD drawing editing and conversion solutions, signed an OEM agreement for the distribution of DocuFi PDF and TIF solutions. Marketed under the PDFTrans brand, the solution allows GTXImageCAD and GTXRaster CAD users to work with single and multi-page PDF drawings with their GTX solutions.


Accela Licenses Comparison Tool

Accela has been within a worldwide distribution agreement to license DocuFi image comparison tools since 2011.  Accela, serving Government sectors, is  a solution provider focused on integrating government agency data with end-user needs, contracted with DocuFi to create an integrated version of the ComPara viewer. Users can select drawings from within the Accela repository and quickly launch a comparison session.


2010: DocuFi Founded

DocuFi, founded in 2010, focused on ImageRamp™ family of Document Capture and Data Mining solutions. The ImageRamp series provides for simple walk-up scanning, indexing and search retrieval. ImageRamp works with clients' existing TWAIN compatible scanners to build a searchable database, name files using barcodes, index to XML or CSV and much more. 

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