Check out articles, videos, forums and tips for information on batch processing, ImageRamp Batch and ChronoScan. Learn about watching folders for unattended document capture, image enhancement and cleanup options, improving OCR capture on your documents, and more.

Click here for more information on the use of barcodes in document management applications and ImageRamp barcode features and tips. Learn how barcodes can be used to split and name files, how to optimize your barcodes for the highest recognition, how to create PDF bookmarks with barcodes, and more.

This support section contains general information on document capture and scanning. Read articles and view slideshows such as "What is Intelligent Document Capture?", "What is Document Indexing?", and "Understanding Your Scanning Requirements".

Check out our solutions in action with our partners and clients solving real-world intelligent data capture, scanning and indexing, and document management challenges.


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