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Scanning WellLogs at ShellPetrochemical Companies Scan and Manage Well Log Geological Library

ProMark Technologies, a leading capture and storage systems provider, has been providing scanning, storage and database solutions to the Oklahoma City Geological Library (OCGL).  This initially related to printing and reprographics needs of exploratory and oil field well log records, but then in 2011 OCGL asked ProMark to review its well log records process and propose the most cost effective electronic records management solution to address the needs of the Library and its numerous oil field databases.

The solution provides a means for the library to capture large format well logs (11 inches wide by 80 feet long) into a search and retrieval environment.  Each well log helps identify critical research data in the hunt for oil reserves and other geological data contained from the many wells drilled as potential well sites.  

Using the Contex D size scanner, OCGL staff are able to capture the depth readings into a single image file for later retrieval and analysis.  Each image is scanned to maximum quality to ensure readability and minimize file storage of the resulting files, which can be many megabytes in size.  

To index and store the documents, OCGL uses the ImageRamp™ capture and indexing solution provided by DocuFi Inc.  The touchscreen simplicity of the software makes it an easy task to capture critical index information needed for each well log including Depth, Field Name, Location, Company, and other data into a Microsoft SQL-based database for easy retrieval.  Pull-down lists for commonly indexed values are used to eliminate mistyping errors and maximize the efficiency of the capture process using the ImageRamp tool.

Once the data is captured and stored in a searchable SQL Server database, DocuFi search and retrieval stations are provided in both touchscreen and traditional desktop searching fashion, allowing users to view portions or enter well log images, sometimes reaching over 80 feet in length.  In total, OCGL expects to capture over 30,000 well logs in the system from oil fields throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and other neighboring states, to help ensure our supply of critical oil resources is preserved for years to come. 

“ImageRamp and DocuFi software has won sales inside the oil log library industry and has revolutionized the way data is accessed for these oil companies.” Doyle Cryer, ProMark Technologies