Upgrading OCR2PDF

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improveocrwithcleanupUpgrade your Free OCR2PDF license

ImageRamp OCR2PDF is a free OCR conversion tool to help transform your documents into intelligent digital assets. Our free version can process up to 10 pages at a time on PDF or TIFF files. Your benefits don't stop there, learn how our ImageRamp products further improve on your document processing needs.


What you'll gain:

  • Upgrade to the full function OCR2PDF utility with no page restrictions, multi-core processing for faster throughput and much more.
  • Watch folders for files that are automatically processed according to pre-set processing and exporting demands
  • Utilize other OCR engines that offer even greater accuracy
  • Split, Rename and deliver files based on recognized barcode or mined ocr text data
  • automatically classify documents based on common types (Automatic Document Recognition)
  • Index into SQL Server, XML, and other back end datbase systems
  • Use drag and drop ocr to index fields

Visit our ImageRamp Products page for more details.