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downlaodFree OCR Text to PDF Converter with Side-by-Side Review

The ImageRamptm OCR2PDF utility, is a free tool to create searchable PDF documents from your scanned archives. Turn your unintelligent paper files into intelligent assets with this free, highly accurate OCR engine.  


  • Load multi-page TIFF or PDF documents (free version is limited to the first 10 pages)
  • Convert and review the results in a unique side-by-side viewer
  • Use synchronized zooming and page flippers for easy page review
  • Use optional onscreen keyboard
  • Produce PDF files for easy printing as compatible cover sheets
 UI OVerview
The ImageRamp OCR2PDF utility is simple to install and use in your environment. Use it to convert your paper archives into intelligent digital assets. 

Compare Free and Paid Versions

Free Version Paid Version
  • Limited to 10 page files
  • Autorotate/Autodeskew
  • TIFF or PDF input
  • Synchronized viewing
  • Thumbnails and page flippers
  • Basic zoom controls
  • Foreign language support
  • No page limit
  • Multi-core CPU support for faster OCR processing
  • Set allowed characters sets
  • Auto invert black pages
  • Ignore underlines
  • Invert white on black text zones
  • Smooth character rendering
  • Detect image inversions


Simple-to-Use Searchable PDF Creation


Two simple steps is all it takes to start your digital conversion. Open a file and start the OCR process.  It's that simple.  You'll be prompted for the output PDF file and away you go.

Step 1:  Open the source

PDF or TIF file



Step 2:  Start the OCR process



Unique Synchronized Viewing of PDF OCR Results

Once a file is converted you can easily review the results in the synchronized interface.  The original file is located in the left panel with the converted Searchable PDF file in the right pane.  Page flippers are available if multi-page files are found and you can navigate through the set with ease. SyncronizedPageFlippers


Review the Raw OCR Text

Toggle the OCR textYou can view the raw OCR text converted by the system to validate the OCR accuracy. For more accurate results, use the preferences settings to further improve on the text recognition accuracy.  


Upgrading from the Free version

Read more at Improving OCR Accuracy

Full Featured Data Capture with ImageRamp

The Free ImageRamp OCR2PDF tool can be used as a standalone tool to OCR a TIFF or PDF File and create a searchbale PDF file. For full-featured data capture and document scanning checkout the ImageRamp Batch.