Download our most popular solution for your document processing needs.  You'll get a free version of ImageRamp Composer, a trial of ImageRamp Batch plus several fully functioning Free tools to produce OCR'd PDF, Create Barcode Separation Sheets, assemble PDF files and Validate barcode splits.

How to remove Personal Identity data from scanned files

Use ImageRamp Batch Enterprise or ImageRamp Composer to easily remove sensitive data from your documents.

ImageRamp document capture and indexing softwareImageRamptm Composer, is a tool to inspect and identify privacy data within your documents.  Easily inspect TIF, PNG, PDF, or Word files for common privacy patterns including Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, email addresses, gender and much more.  Use it to redact barcodes, social security numbers or other customized patterns from your documents.  We support scanned files as well as traditional text based documents like MS Word and PDF.  With the Privacy version, you can create your own patterns, edit existing patterns with full regular expressions and approve the infractions with Whiteout or Blackout patterns and full text removal. 



Freely and Easily:

  • Load PDF, Image or MS Word documents
  • Import folders of documents
  • Re-arrange pages and easily retain links to the source document
  • Inspect documents for pattern infractions
  • Produce PDF files highlighting the infractions


Upgrade to perform:

  • OCR and Inspect scanned files
  • Perform whiteout or blackout redactions
  • Fully redact identified patterns
  • Edit existing patterns
  • Create new user Regular Expression patterns
  • Barcode Redaction

Simple-to-Use Personal Identity Inspection

Easy One Click Processing

Simply select the Inspect button and all documents loaded into the current set are searched for patterns matching your identity requirements.     

Personal Identity Inspection

Step 1: Select the desired patterns to perform

inspections on.  Licensed users can have infraction

actions controlled and audited.

Easily configure search patterns for Personal Identity Management


Step 2: Select the Inspect button and all documents loaded

are processed with infractions highlightedPrivacy Inspector finds Personal Information in documents


Step 3: Licensed users can approve and redact

the infractions from their documents.

Redacted pages with privacy data removed

Individual Patterns

Step 1:  Select the desired pattern



 Step 2:  Select search and patterns are highlightd


 Step 3:  Select approve (licensed version) and patterns are removed and images blacked out or white out. 


 Need your Own Cloud Services?

Redaction services are available as restful API services. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.