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A Visual Look at Key Docs In The Cloud Services

DocsInTheClouds Base Processing ($195/month)
  • Thin Client, Zero Administration
  • File importing from folders
  • Security and digital rights
  • File size management
  • Assemble and manipulate pages
  • File separation
  • Runs on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux Operating Systems
  • Import MSWord, PDF Text/Image and Scanned Images (JPG, PNG, TIFF)
  • Markup and annotate


DocsInTheClouds Standard Edition ($295/Month)
  • File import from Cloud Drives (SharePoint, Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3)
  • Split on barcode contains
  • Split on barcode Regex pattern
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Export CSV of barcodes
  • PDF File Encryption and Digital Rights
  • Assign profiles to watched folders
  • Includes ImageRamp PDF Composer for assembly and privacy redaction


DocsInTheClouds Privacy Edition ($395/Month)
    • Whiteout, Blackout Redaction
    • Customizable Scripts to Highlite, Whiteout or Blackout content
  • Infraction Auditing
  • Regular Expressions for text mining


DocsInTheClouds AI for Invoices/Delivery Notes/AP (Per Document Pricing)
  • Multi-Threaded (Dual and Quad)
  • Privacy Auditing and Redaction
  • Email notifications on memory issues
  • Restart on crash and memory issues
  • Enhanced Quality Control Reporting
  • Multiple OCR engines
  • Supports windows servers
  • Emails you with details of crashes restarts or other problems
  • All the functions listed above for Batch Pro Edition


ImageRamp DocsInTheClouds Custom Development-Call for Docs In The Cloud Services Pricing
  • ImageRamp functions as defined for ImageRamp Batch Pro
  • Email requester
  • Natural language parsing
  • Analytics and visualization
  • Driverless scanner integration
  • Mobile capture


Docs In The Clouds Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible across all major operating system environments
  • Watch for files to process in cloud Drives including AWS S3, DropBox, Google and SharePoint
  • Single sign on
  • Manage unlimited job profiles with individual folder assignments
  • Read 1D or 2D barcodes (including QR codes) for splitting, file naming, routing and more. See the Batch Processing on Plustek Scanner Video
  • NEW confidence-based barcode recognition
  • Automate file naming and folder creation. See the SlideShare.
  • Preview page splits and validate barcode reading and settings
  • Clean up images to increase accuracy and reduce storage needs See the SlideShare.
  • Use barcodes to create PDF bookmarks
  • Convert between TIFF and PDF formats to standardize your file formats. See PDF v. TIFF SlideShare
  • Secure your PDF files with Digital Rights Management
  • Easy, clear dashboard style user interface throughout the product line for minimal training and maximum ease of use.
  • Configure privacy redaction scripts to remove SSN, Credit Cards, Gender Identity and other sensitive text items

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