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Importing Bulk Documents in CSV and ImageRamp

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Importing a large volume of files can be accommodated with the bulk importing feature (available to system administrators only). It is common for index data to be stored in a Comma Separated File in “.csv” or ".txt" format.

Format requirements

The CSV or TXT file must contain field mapping as the first entry in the list. In the example below, a field identified as DocCategory and FilePath are defined. One contains the contents of the DocCategory field, and the other is the file path for the documents.

Bulk importing index data via CSV or TXT file data into your document management DocCategory,Filepath
2079952,\Crate 7\1400\Scan_0003.jpg
2079952,\Crate 7\1400\Scan_0004.jpg
2079953,\Crate 7\1400\Scan_0005.jpg
The file paths must be relative paths from within the CSV file itself. Common find and replace text editors can be used to pre-configure the data before the bulk import is executed.