ImageRamp aids home healthcare with data capture needs

ImageRamp Intelligent Data Capture Solution and Fujitsu Scanners Provide Prescription Access

Evolution Home Care is a UK-based health care provider that focuses on serving the home health care market. As part of the broader Celesio group, they are one of Europe's largest pharmacy operations today with nursing, logistics and pharmacy expertise to help patients across the UK.

With a large volume of prescriptions coming from hospitals for long-term patient care (drugs for HIV, MS, Parkinson's etc.), the group needed a solution to automate data entry into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Using ImageRamp and the Fujitsu N1800 touchscreen scanner, staff affix a barcode stamp on pages to help identify index data for the CRM system. The data for the prescriptions (lots of it) has already been keyed into MS Dynamics CRM, which generates the barcode labels used for the scanning process.ImageRamp barcode recognition aids home health care

ImageRamp processes each page into unique files and automatically assigns a file name and CSV metadata based on the barcode stamps. The scanned prescription forms along with a CSV index file are saved to an FTP site where a script matches them to the CRM records so they can be viewed in the CRM system. Now when the drugs are being prepared by the pharmacy they can easily be accessed with the original prescription to help verify the correct prescriptions are filled for the patients.

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