Company Profile- A Message From Dave Wilson

Aftedwshotr developing and implementing solutions to enhance drawing and document processes for Motorola, Computervision, GTE, Calcomp and GTX Corporation, I moved back to my native New England and started Open Archive Systems, a leader in the scanning and document archive market.

Our work at Open Archive culminated in the sale of the company to Service Point USA in 2006, where I then lead the world-wide global innovations and R&D efforts for two years.  So, when I launched DocuFi, I did so with a global awareness of what I needed to do. 

For over 30 years, I have built a reputation for providing market expertise and developing customized data analysis and document solutions (See Product Customization History).  I have done so with companies large and small, including Sodexo, IBM, Xerox, Kodak, Autodesk, eCopy, OCE, Kyocera Mita and many others. So, if you don't see an exact fit for your needs, contact me directly to discuss how we can develop a custom solution to meet your specific needs. My global presentation history and white papers attest to the global experience and professional services I have provided throughout my business career.

Welcome to DocuFi,
Dave Wilson