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We have over 35 years' experience helping clients address business information overload. Whether you need data analytics to guide you to successful business decisions for infection prevention or a capture solution to dig out from underneath all your paper, DocuFi can help. We offer customized services and dashboard development tailored to meet your specific business and analysis requirements. From needs analysis to custom product development and data integration services, we have a long-standing record of resolving clients' needs with cost-effective solutions. Additionally, we can integrate your key performance indicators with additional tools such as facilities management solutions and online learning systems.

6 Moments in DocuFi History


2015: DocuFi Invests in Dashboard Development

With DocuFi's robust history in document and information management including data mining and database development, advancing into visual analytics solutions was a natural fit for the company. With internally developed and third-party components, DocuFi's dashboard technology addresses visual delivery of key performance indicators including training, facilities management, purchasing data, and employee reporting into a seamless dashboard analytics system. DocuFi has spun off this development as HAIvia, LLC. Read more at HAIvia Dashboard.


2011: GTX OEMs DocuFi Solution

GTX Corp., the leading provider of AutoCAD drawing editing and conversion solutions, signed an OEM agreement for the distribution of DocuFi PDF and TIF solutions. Marketed under the PDFTrans brand, the solution allows GTXImageCAD and GTXRaster CAD users to work with single and multi-page PDF drawings with their GTX solutions.


2011: Accela Licenses Comparison Tool

Accela signs worldwide distribution agreement to license DocuFi image comparison tools for Government sectors. Accela, Inc., a solution provider focused on integrating government agency data with end-user needs, contracted with DocuFi to create an integrated version of the ComPara viewer. Users can select drawings from within the Accela repository and quickly launch a comparison session.


2010: DocuFi Founded

DocuFi, founded in 2010, focused on ImageRamp™ family of Document Capture and Data Mining solutions. The ImageRamp series provides for simple walk-up scanning, indexing and search retrieval. ImageRamp works with clients' existing TWAIN compatible scanners to build a searchable database, name files using barcodes, index to XML or CSV and much more. 


2006: Open Archive Sold

Open Archive sold to worldwide scan and print services provider, Service Point Solutions. Mr. Wilson became the Global R&D Manager with leadership responsibilities with European operations in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, UK and US where he identified best practices through global operations with responsibilities to disseminate to other operations.


1992: Open Archive Founded

With a foundation of over 12 years of software development and architecture design experience for the document and engineering scanning markets, Mr. Wilson opened the doors at Open Archive Systems.

DocuFi News

HAIvia Dashboard Chosen for 500 Hospitals

HAIvia Dashboard selected as analytics platform for over 500 US Hospitals. Services include selected line of business and learning management integration. HAIvia Dashboard is a product of HAIvia, LLC, which spun off from DocuFi in 2017.

Visual Data Analytics for HAI Prevention Introduced

DocuFi introduced its Visual Data Analytics platform for HAI (healthcare-associated infection) prevention. With HAIvia Dashboard users can view key performance indicators from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services along with their own integrated data to visually detect problems and react with the aim of improving their performance and lowering HAI rates. DocuFi has spun off this development under HAIvia, LLC at

David Wilson Appointed to Board of Advisors

Dave Wilson was selected to the board of advisors at Underground GIS. The company provides a cloud-hosted facilities management platform integrated with Google Earth®, Google Maps® and other GIS platforms to help manage underground infrastructures. 

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