Save Time and Secure your Document Assets with ImageRamp™ Composer

Consolidate your scanned and electronic documents into secure and protected digital assets.

ImageRamp Composer provides a simple and intuitive tool for everyday document needs. Easily import PDF, Image, and Word documents into an easy-to-use environment to securely annotate, redact, encrypt and arrange your documents. Manipulation based on barcodes adds additional automation of your needed tasks with the Pro edition. Desktop or mobile platform implementations in network and cloud environments available.

 ImageRamp Composer for easy PDF processing


Name and Store

Automated file naming and routing saves time, money and frustration. Naming of the files and  folders can be based on barcode information, OCR-mined text or system data. Files can be local or cloud-based.  

File Separation

Separate your files using common barcodes or other unique designators and preview the results in ImageRamp Composer.  Once approved, you can easily save your files based on separation and naming rules extracted from your documents.

Privacy Redaction

Redaction of sensitive content protects against the inadvertent disclosure of confidential or sensitive information. Easily protect against legal liability and publicity nightmares with appropriate redaction of names, social security numbers, emails, keywords and more.

Markup and Annotate

Easily markup with text boxes, shapes, watermarks and more. Add freehand sketches and highlights. Set markup tool options such as color and size and cleanup pages by deleting background page “noise”. Darken/ Lighten the background to improve legibility.   

Security and Digital Rights

Easily secure your documents with Digital Rights Management. Adding security is a first step to protect your files against unauthorized use, modification and distribution. Produce PDF files that prohibit printing, cut/copy, or editing and require a user password to access the encrypted file.

File Size Management

With Composer’s unique file size management, save storage space by limiting file sizes to your specification. Files size information is at your fingertips allowing you to easily manage the target size of your composed PDF files.   

Assemble and Manipulate

Open a whole folder of files or a single file to edit. Merge multiple PDF, MS-Word .docx and image files. Easily re-order, delete, rotate pages. OCR text into the clipboard and print and email pages and files directly from ImageRamp Composer.

Easy Scanner Integration

Easily integrate with desktop scanning applications like Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager. Realize seamless integration that simplifies the use of  ImageRamp Composer in your document workflow.

Need Folder Watching or Batch Document Processing?

ImageRamp™ Batch is a simple-to-use folder processing tool to automate your file naming and storage, indexing, and document capture into various EMR/EDR, document management or other secure storage environments.