The SafeAtHome initiative is a project sponsored by several collaborating companies in the Document Automation and Infection Prevention markets. Presently, the group consists of DocuFi, EVS Protects, HAIvia, the HITS Consortium, and P3iD with the goal of bringing everyday document processing tools to the work at home community for FREE. All cloud infrastructure and services are provided by Amazon Web Services.

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 Our Team  

Dr. Christine Green MPH, Ph.D., Owner/Operator EVS Protects, Founder The HITS Consortium

Dr. Christine Greene has 10+ years’ experience in epidemiological and laboratory research. She holds a Ph.D. in environmental health sciences and an MPH in hospital and molecular epidemiology from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health.  She is involved in developing stronger guidelines for the maintenance of microbiologically controlled environments and she has developed programs to help industries assess and reduce environmental contamination risk.  She co-founded the Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems (HITS) Consortium and serves as a Board Member for The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS).


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David Wilson is the Founder and CEO of DocuFi, LLC, and HAIvia, LLC.  He has been an entrepreneur in Document Imaging for more than 30 years. Dave serves on the MIT Technology Review Global Leadership panel and serves on several boards in an Advisory manner.

Prior to launching DocuFi, Dave worked as global R&D and Innovations leader for an international services company.   After a successful career providing solutions to Nuance, eCopy, IBM, Autodesk, and others, Dave started his first company, Open Archive Systems which was later sold.  


Kevin Neal is the President & CEO of P3iD Technologies, Inc. He assists organizations to be more efficient with business process improvement solutions. He is allowing businesses to be more productive at decreased operational costs.

Before starting P3iD Technologies, Kevin dedicated 25 years to the Document Capture vertical. In Product Marketing Management and later, as Director of Strategic Innovations