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The Safe@Home sponsors offer special programs or free services to help business back on their feet.   Register with our DocsInTheClouds services to get started and you receive a license key and download link.  You also get first hand access to our R&D cloud platform.  We're moving our Document Services offerings into the cloud but you can use it now for document assembly, annotation, privacy inspection and redaction and more.

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 Our Sponsors Offers for you

ImageRamp Batch Processing

Upgrade ImageRamp Composer to ImageRamp Batch to process documents stored in watched folders.  Configured to meet your budgeting constraints, Batch is available in several versions including Standard, Professional and Enterprise to help accommodate throughput and functional demands. 

ImageRamp Batch Infection Preventing Analytics Platform

Register for free access to the platform and learn about infection rates at your local hospital facility.  See how infectio rates effect hospital reimbursements through the government Center for Medicare and Medicaid Systems, look at historical scoring and infection activity with environmental and surgical activity.  Or upgrade to a paid subscription to gain access to the entire US hospital population monitored by CMS.  HAIvia has been providing data visualizations and analytics around HAI data since 2016.

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DocsintheCloud Services (

Register for free access to Docs In The Clouds online portal and gain access to a zero admin PDF assembly solution.  You'll have access to up to date articles on Infection Prevention.

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Free Infection Prevention Articles - We've assembled various partners and included articles and web links that can help you better protect your home or business environment. The Center for Disease Controls, WHO, EVS Protects, HAIvia, Pet News, Ask.Vet and other sources provided us some content included in a searchable database within ImageRamp Compara. Or login to the online portal for more up to date information.

In light of the recent events surrounding the Corona virus (COVID-19), Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc. (“Fujitsu”) will donate a limited number of ScanSnap iX1500 scanners to educational institutions (the “Program”). Our goal is to help teachers and administrators digitize their curriculum and documents during this mandated shelter in place order.

We can't have discussions of safety at home without considering mans best friend (and other related pets).  Here's some educational podcasts to help you learn more about how Covid-19 transmits with respect to pets.  This comes to us from the influencer marketing team at PetsOnQ. Visit PetNews
P3ID Technologies Leverage cloud services and cloud enabled scanners to capture and process valuable documents from your new home based office environment.  P3iD Technologies is offering limited time cloud instances of Fujitsu NXManager and DocusInTheClouds services.