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DocuFi Reaches for the Clouds with P3iD Technologies

DocuFi has partnered with P3iD Technologies™ to provide mobile and Natural Language Capture and Cloud processing solutions that simplify the delivery of secure and privacy redacted documents. DocuFi technology is the foundation for P3iD's DoxaScan™ capture solution. P3iD’s Business Efficiency Center (BEC) Environment provides powerful mobile capture and cloud microservices built on modular components that let you securely capture and process your important documents in a driverless TWAIN Direct cloud or network environment. DocuFi's mobile capture technology, FormRamp and DocuFi's ImageRamp processing technology combine to form the basis of DoxaScan™ cloud processing within the TWAIN Direct driverless scanner environment.

This technology will be displayed at the HSA Capture 2018 conference September 5-6 in Glen Cove, NY. The Harvey Spencer annual conference "is relied on by the Industry’s leading vendors as the must-attend conference to learn about where the market is heading, as well as provocative and leading edge technology areas."